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Emily Colvin, Commander, Electrical Engineer

Emily is a Nuclear and Radiological Engineering (NRE) student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In May 2007, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in NRE, a minor in Aerospace Engineering, propulsion track, and a certificate in French. She will graduate in 2008 with a Master's of Science in NRE. With this degree, she will continue on to a career in nuclear propulsion. Emily is a founding member of the Mars Society at Georgia Tech (MSGT) and has served as its secretary and executive officer (president). Through MSGT, she has been a member of three crews to the Mars Desert Research Station (Crew 37 as Mission Support Lead, Crew 47 as Executive Officer and IT Specialist, and Crew 58 as an engineer) and has commanded Crew 60 in spring 2007 and Crew 69 in spring 2008. Through the Engineering Team, Emily has been involved in the controls and systems monitoring of the Station as well as miscellaneous maintenance and repair. She is also involved in the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra (percussion) and the North Avenue Presbyterian Church orchestra (Bb and A clarinets).

Tommy Caillouet, Health and Safety Officer, Journalist

Tommy Caillouet is a second year Aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech. He was born and raised near Huntsville, Alabama, and somewhere between writing his first for-loop for an astronaut training program and seeing the Saturn V frequently, the space industry rubbed off on him to the point of inspiring a potential career. Tommy is also an avid builder of flying machines, an Eagle Scout, and a part time employee in the Georgia Tech Craft Center and Aerospace Systems Design Lab. His past activities have included participating in the AIAA Design Build Fly competition, Mars Society's University Rover Challenge, and the ongoing aspiration to build a steam powered car. In what spare time remains, Tommy enjoys playing soccer and following Arsenal FC. He hopes to eventually escape Georgia Tech and gravity.

Dan Crowley, Executive Officer

Dan Crowley is a graduate student in the Aerospace Systems Design Lab at Georgia Tech, pursuing a Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering. He has already obtained a Masters in A.E. from Georgia Tech in addition to his B.S. in A.E. from the University of Notre Dame. In addition to engineering, Dan works part-time at the Georgia Tech Craft Center, which gives him a chance to learn new skills and work with his hands whenever possible. During the time spent in college and graduate school, Dan has picked up a number of skills that will have absolutely no bearing on his professional future, including SCUBA training, swing dancing, juggling, breathing fire, and some pilot training. He hopes to go into mission design and preliminary aircraft and/or spacecraft design after finishing his formal education.

Billy Gallagher, Robotics Lead

Billy Gallagher is a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology from Vernon, NJ. He received his Bachelor's of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in May 2007. He then completed his Master's of Science in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, where he is now pursuing a PhD in Robotics. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Gamma Tau honor societies. Billy has worked at BAE Systems as a programmer, and last summer, he worked at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center developing technologies that could help NASA return to the Moon. Since a young age, Billy has had an avid interest in space and space exploration. He enjoys astronomy and is working towards an ultimate career goal of joining the Astronaut Corp. He has attended all three levels of Space Camp and is looking forward to MDRS as the next step. Billy has recently started working to obtain his private pilot license and enjoys flying the Yellow Jacket Flying Club's Cessna 172 aircraft. He is also an avid photographer and was the Photography Editor of Notre Dame's Dome Yearbook for three years. Billy has played the piano since age five and the saxophone since age twelve. He was a member of the saxophone section of the Band of the Fighting Irish for four years and played in jazz and concert bands as well. Also, during his time in marching band, he became a director of the Bandlink program, in which Notre Dame students would volunteer run the band program at local elementary schools, through which Billy came to enjoy band directing. At Georgia Tech, Billy has become involved in the Mars Society and is a member of the integration team for the 2009 entry into the it's University Rover Competition. Billy enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling, as does his dog, Comet.

Rachel Horak, Mission Support Lead, Biologist

Rachel Horak is currently a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech. When not cruising the world's oceans for oceanographic research, she studies unique microbial-invertebrate symbioses and astrobiology. She completed a Master's of Biology at the College of William and Mary, where she was lucky enough to dive in human-occupied research submersibles DSV Alvin and Johnson SeaLink II. Upon completion of her degree, Rachel hopes to teach Biology, Oceanography, and Astrobiology at the university level. In her spare time, Rachel competes in swimming, coaches youth swimming, and loves to play with her three ferrets.

Rebecca Kollmeyer, Science Lead, Geologist

Rebecca Kollmeyer is a second year Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Major at Georgia Tech from Fayetteville, GA. She plans to become a meteorologist and research climatology and geology. She is the secretary of the Student Chapter of the American Meteorology Society and a member of the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra. Outside of classes she enjoys running, hiking, and anything that requires being outdoors.

Jillian Lewis, Engineer, Radio Lead

Jillian Lewis is a 4th year senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. Her family is originally from Nebraska but moved frequently and she has spent time living in Kansas, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Norway, and China. At Georgia Tech, she holds the office of President for the Georgia Tech Chorale and enjoys performing within the music department. She is a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, as well as a Safe Sister Advocate and a Greek Peer Educator. Jillian is a co-op for Delta Air Lines as a member of the B737/MD88/MD90 Fleet Management Team at Technical Operations, where she serves as operational engineering support. Her interests include travel, aviation, space, music, research, and pilates. Jillian has recently developed interest in amateur radio and is currently in training to be a Ham Radio Operator. She is extremely interested in studying aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, as well system design and optimization in the years ahead and will continue classes at Georgia Tech until graduation in May 2010. From there she hopes to get her masters and possess a career in the space or aviation industry. Jillian is very excited about being selected for MDRS crew 79.