Oct 1, 2012
GT MDRS Crew 130 has been selected. Work has begun, watch the site for continuing updates.

Oct 14, 2011
GT MDRS Crew 115 is now ACCEPTING applications

Jan 12, 2011
The website has been restored to its former glory (including the photo gallery)! Crews 79, 93, & 101 have complete pages. Unfortunately, data loss has hindered the complete recovery of previous crews. They will be continued to restored as data and time allow.

If you encounter issues on this site, please contact Graham Kosiba


Introducing the GT MDRS Crew

The Mars Desert Research Station Crew 130 is made up a diverse group of space enthusiast individuals. The 16 person group has a variety of majors and years in school ranging from first years to graduate students. The crew will be split into mission support and the group that will travel to Utah to spend two weeks in Mars simulation. The mission support will support the crew at Georgia Tech. During the simulation the crew will perform a wide range of experiments and extra vehicular activities.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

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